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Talent can win a game, but the team wins championships.
Michael Jordan

Excellent staff is the main precondition towards the development of superior products and services... That is the point. Our close-knit and friendly team will do the best to turn your trip into a feast that is always with you.

Tatevik Harutyunyan
The Founder and Director, MICE travel and special Events.
Economist, PhD, has been working in tourism for three years. She is an energetic, direct and honest person, the organizer and inspirer of the whole team. Being a devoted traveler, she loves to offer interesting routes and unusual directions both for her family and her travelers.


Yana Saakova
Manager for FIT/Group travel
Yana Saakova is a charming and courteous manager for FIT/Group travel. She is always ready to arrange a special tour in Armenia and around the world that meets and surpasses your expectations. Having worked in the area of tourism for more than seven years, she is a highly qualified specialist in organizing individual and group tours around the world. She loves music and reading.


Marina Dallakyan
Manager for Transport Logistics
Marina is a responsible, friendly, knowledgeable person and loves her job. Having worked in the area of tourism industry for five years, she can find the most relevant transport solutions for your travel.


Arpine Barseghyan
Manager for Event Logistics
Arpine has a passion for details resulting in a smooth implementation of your event. She is already eight years in the industry, and she finds the best part of her career the last two years at Vasco Da Gama Travel Club. She likes to organize interesting gatherings and entertainments.





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